We know, we know. Putting on a festival of this scale seems extremely daunting. There are so many factors to remember – license applications (yep you’ll need one of them to hold an outdoor event) wet weather plans (thanks UK) health & safety checks, water access, ample parking, decorations, uncle Mark’s gluten free pasta option…. Ok you got the hint.


An outdoor music festival celebration seems like such a great idea but then there is so much that could go wrong, right!? Well ok, someone with very little experience attempting to take on this task on their own will no doubt experience many problems, but for us at I Do Festivals it’s easy, we do this every day!


You’ll be simply amazed at how easy we make the whole process for you! All we need to know are a few details about your celebration and we’ll instantly set to work feeding you ideas and inspiration for the look and feel that you require, we’ll find the right decorations and festival props, source the most mouth-watering dishes from our catering team (yes uncle Mark that’s your pasta too), organise your posh loos (yes that’s posh, with running water and a daily service) and start to think about how you wish to entertain your guests late into the night! Before your very eyes you will see your dream grow into a reality. Your festival site maps will be drawn up, your menu will be set, your bands booked.


All you need to do enjoy the fun of planning your festival, we’ll take care of the nitty gritty. With our top class ancillary services that cover all aspects of festival celebrations you can be sure of not only the highest quality of service but the best rates on the market too! Booking multiple services with us allows us to offer our clients bespoke money saving packages, so maybe you can afford that firework display at the end of the night after all!


So are you gonna keep that dream a dream? Or shall we make it a reality and do something really special for your next celebration? I look forward to hearing from you.



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