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CHI and Partners tasked us with the mission of putting on an awe-inspiring Christmas party for their company in our brand new central London venue, The Arch. We had the challenge of following the awesome summer party we provided for their staff and clients. In the brief, CHI requested a party that would be remembered for years to come, as well as being stylish and cool, following their chosen theme of Futuristic disco. Read below to see how we delivered the Christmas party of the season!  


On the 14th of December at The Arch in Vauxhall, the day had finally arrived for the Christmas party of the year! Slightly bias we know, but it proved to be just that. We arrived bright and early at the venue, with coffee in one hand and decorations in the other, ready to get our busy prepping period up and running! At all times keeping to exactly what our fab clients envisioned for their high-end event, we began to load in heaps (and heaps) of our illuminated, futuristic themed furniture and props. From our extremely snazzy illuminated dance floor, to our sparkling hanging disco balls, we began to get hyped about just how dazzling the rooms were beginning to look! One furniture piece that we are extremely proud of (and will happily show off about whenever possible) is our LED Geo Bar, where you could simply touch the top of the bar and it would change the colour of the bar – IF THAT'S NOT COOL THEN WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.  

 Chi the arch


The day flew by and before we knew it, we had our first guests arriving. With the rooms sparkling, we welcomed our guests in true VIP style. We took their coats and bags and swiftly handed them a glass of bubbly to begin the evening celebrations. Amongst the free flowing prosecco station, there were certainly a few men who rushed swiftly passed the prosecco to get to the ice buckets of chilled Peroni! 


Chi guests


They then headed upstairs to be welcomed into the upper gallery, where it seemed to offer the real 'wow' factor as soon as the guests walked in. Around the outside of the room we had enormous white illuminous towers that gave a real glow to the room, and made our floating stars shine and sparkle till the end of the night. We created an array of seating areas made up of white leather sofas with stylish coffee cubes to achieve the classy, yet chilled vibe that our clients had desired.  



We were dazzled by some of the outfits that were being paraded around the party, from people in matching sequin jackets, glitter flares and a massive shout out to the man who got really into it and painted himself head to toe in silver glitter (you won best dressed in our eyes!) 



It was then time to move downstairs for the long-awaited reveal of the Arch, where everybody knew that was where the party was really going to get started. As the guests followed the fairy lit path into the Arch, I think it's safe to say the guests seemed amazed at what we had transformed the space into! They walked in through a smoke screen to see a sparkling dance floor with the lights reflecting off the floating disco balls. Thanks to Lights and Beats, the stage was looking on pointe, where our headline act was ready and raring to tear up the dance floor. And that they certainly did - so much so that it was impossible to for TCFC crew to fight our way through the crowds to clear glasses! 


As the band took a break from their rocking set, The Street Food Catering Company served up three delicious Big Pan dishes. Small bowls of each dish was served by our lovely waitresses to our guests on the disco floor. Plenty of hot jerk chicken curry, aromatic Thai green curry and a scrummy three bean vegan chilli was made by our Chefs so that everyone could have a bit of everything! (drinking, eating and dancing all at the same time – what a dream).  



Now - what everyone had been waiting for... PUDDINGS. TSFCC did a great job serving the mini dessert bites to the guests on the dance floor for those who had any room left in their stomachs. The crew struggled their way through the crowds and returned with empty trays! Having a selection of mini bites is a great way to have a little or as much as you like – in our case, 17 brownie bites each seemed like a sufficient amount for our crew (we were working very hard!) 




On a sidenote, we should also give a shoutout to the entire company of CHI and Partners, for the amount of gin lovers they must have. The amount of gin and tonics our bartenders served was quite incredible, so fair play to you all!! 

This was the second event we have organized for CHI and we absolutely loved it once again and feel extremely happy that you chose to use us again! It was quite a different event to what we usually do (we weren't on a field in a marquee in the boiling sunshine) and we literally can't wait to do more events like this!  


From here at I Do Festive, we all hope you had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!  





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