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This summer I Do Festivals hosted Bill’s restaurant summer party at our central London venue, Mudchute Park, just a stones throw away from Canary Wharf and London’s famous banking sector. With panoramic views of world famous landmarks you would never know a place as beautiful as Mudchute Park existed in the middle of London’s hustle and bustle! We love it and we’d love to tell you more about the day!


A quick intro to Bill’s if you don’t know much about them or haven’t heard of the restaurant before (10000% recommend, their food is to die for!), they started out as a green grocery shop, then to café and soon developed into one of London’s fastest growing restaurant chains. We love their quote “from breakfast to bedtime, and everything in-between”, it completely sums them up!


The team at Bills were greeted at the gate with smiley faces from our crew and entrance stamps, with a side of complimentary cocktails – what a perfect start to a summer party! The order of the day was as follows;

 Order of the Day


Guests enjoyed Bill’s complimentary bar, the hotspot being the cocktails made by the professional mixologist! The guests had free access to some funky inflatables including some serious bashing and dodging on the old-school bumper cars! Plus, some serious competitiveness going on at the total wipe-out, all whilst catching a tan in the glorious sunshine! Everyone was getting involved on the rodeo bull, encouraging their colleagues to stay on (secretly wanting them to fall off)!


Bumper Cars


For an early dins, we had the lush Blue Grass Bill’s on site to cook up a storm, with so many choices it was hard to pick; Louisiana smoky sausage hot dogs, roast sweet potato & bean chilli and Cajun smoky pulled chuck chilli (definitely one of the faves!)


And how could we forget to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth? There was an ice cream cart, popcorn and candyfloss to meet everyone’s desires - the ice cream was much needed during the day’s heatwave.


Bill's Fest


Seeing as we were blessed with one of England’s fine summer days it couldn’t be wasted, so the party carried on outside! We had some great live music that got the crowd going and singing some classics that lifted everyone’s spirits even higher! Dancing shoes were off and everyone was jumping around on the hay bales with a beautiful English sunset in the background, what more could you want?!


Live Music


Thanks for having us Bill’s restaurant, we hope you enjoyed your summer party as much as we did; smiles and laughter were in constant flow! A great day was had by all and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!






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