Announcing Our Very Special Partnership With EMG!


We are just a bit excited to announce that after an amazing first year working alongside EMG for our corporate events, that we have decided that moving into 2018, we are going to continue to partner up with them so that we can carry on producing first class corporate events with a difference throughout the UK.


We believe we are a match made in corporate away day and events heaven! We bring the festival, they bring the activities and boom you have yourself a top event that your employees won’t forget. To celebrate this, the ridiculously fabulous peeps at EMG arranged to take us out to sea for the day and what a day it was!


One of the activities that EMG supply are rib rides, that can be as part of an activity such as a treasure hunt, or simply transport to and from your event. We have all had an amazing idea of making the rib ride the transport to a boutique corporate festival for 2018. Now THAT is arriving in style!


Rib Boat


We met EMG in the little quaint town of Lymington, who then took us over to the Rib boat to get ready! We all looked absolutely gorgeous in our waterproof, baggy fisherman trousers with braces! We jumped in, and off we went! None of us had been on a Rib boat before, but boy did we love it! Let me paint you a little picture... “Set sail on the Hudson, the wind in your h-arms, you get all the peace and quiet you always wanted. You can get back to nature” (Friends reference – if we have any fans here, like us).


Although we weren’t blessed with the best weather, it actually made it more fun and action-packed as we flew over the waves. Our skipper, Chris showed us the beauty of Hurst Castle and then said the tide was right for us to steer over towards the Needles. We sped over, skimming the water as we went. Chris told us this area was quite famous for shipwrecks – not too put you off too much! Pulling into the harbour, we jumped off the Rib and headed to the restaurant in all of our glorious waterproofs, walking past the unlucky people waiting for the ferry!


Team Rib Boat


Vicky and James picked the perfect location for a late lunch at The George. As we looked out to sea, our meals arrived, from lobster to prosecco - what more could you want! We were truly wined and dined whilst we chatted about our plans to create an even more amazing corporate festival events for next year, which cant come quick enough!


As we waddled back to the Rib boat (with very full tummies), Chris was ready and waiting to help us on and take us back to Lymington. The moment we left the harbour we were met by the windy waves, which splashed up towards the boat soaking the left side (those on the right side stayed beautifully dry, those on the left – well…that’s a different story).


Team I Do


Thank you so so much EMG for a wonderful afternoon out at sea and treating us to a gorgeous meal! We couldn’t recommend this experience enough and now we know what it’s all about, it really places us in great position to explain to our valued clients the fun that they are going to have!


Here’s to a great partnership and to a fantastic 2018 – Cheers!



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