A new and exciting addition from the Lights and Beats team!


We have been busying away over the last few weeks to bring an exciting new addition to our packages. Working with Lights and Beats, our incredible sound and lights team, we are introducing to our packages the mega inflatable outside stage!


inflatable outside stage


This summer we got to use this outdoor stage on a few of our amazing sunny summer festivals! Here’s why the outdoor stage is the best addition you could make to your corporate or wedding festival!


Firstly, it completely draws the whole site together bringing in real festival vibes, which is great for us to offer to you! It’s a major player in the festival world, and is the ultimate stage to really tie into the theme. It really offers the feeling of being at a major festival, with a PA and lighting rig so good it makes you feel like you are partying at Glastonbury or Bestival! Not only does this look as good as any sub-stage at a major commercial festival, but the quality is most definitely on par! The way we work with our clients is that they are absolutely free to book their own bands or use bands that we suggest. However, of course booking bands and musicians can be expensive! 


live band


Secondly, just to make it truly have a festival atmosphere, using this stage allows you to have the flexibility of offering both indoor and outdoor stages to your guests. Just imagine having a chilled acoustic band indoors, and an awesome rocking band outside, so your guests can flutter between all the different sounds. And what better way to end your night then boogieing underneath the stars?!


Thirdly, in our packages the stage comes with a fully trained light and sound engineer, to make sure nothing goes wrong on your day. They are there throughout the whole day, which can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your fabulous musical line up. The stage can hold up to a whooping 12 piece band! Imagine the funky sounds that can be soaring across your site!! One of the reasons that our bands love working with us so much and why we secure preferential rates is that they don’t have the worry of bringing their own PA equipment or sound engineer which is a major cost to them. They can simply rock up, plug in, sound check and play safe in the knowledge that their sound will be engineered and of course that there is an electric light package to really help showcase them to the audience.  



remedy sounds


Lastly, your sound stage and lights package is really worth paying for, as when you calculate the cost savings that you can achieve from the bands if a good package is provided, versus each band providing their own equipment, it becomes a no brainer! It's way more affordable than you think! 


Get in touch today for more information about this thrilling new addition to our festivals!




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